Assisted Living Testimonies

Dear Sir/Ma'am:

Here's how we came to be acquainted with New Hope.

My 89-year-old father moved to TX from CO in October 2009. Dad had advanced Parkinson's & dementia. Having him move in with us was not an option, so we found an assisted living facility in San Antonio. It was a large place with a relatively low ratio of staff to residents. As Dad's health declined in the winter of 2010, he began falling more often. Every fall would result in them calling us (usually in the middle of the night), a trip to the hospital for x-rays, & me & my husband going to work the next day exhausted. We were reluctant to move Dad because he was happy where he was, but we knew if he stayed there, eventually a fall would result in a broken hip.

ln the spring of 2011, we were referred to New Hope by [a wonderful organization]. We went out & met Elena & toured the home. We were impressed with everything - the way the staff treated the residents, the set-up of the home, the cleanliness - there was nothing not to like.

Between them, Elena & Michelle have an impressive amount of training & experience working with a vast array of physical & mental conditions that make life challenging for the residents & the staff. These women are an incredible team who enjoy their work & make it look easy. And they have an outstanding supporting cast, starting with their husbands, John & Mario.

Dad went to be with his heavenly Father in January 2012. But during the eight months he was in the care of the Dorca families & their staff, he was not only happy, his needs were well met, & I am confident we could not have found a better place for him.

Elena was always very honest & open with us about what we should expect in terms of the progression of Dad's disease.

lf you are in the unenviable position of looking for a home for your loved one, I hope you find New Hope, & if there's a room available, you needn't look further. The Dorcas will welcome you with open arms & give your loved one the best care possible. We've been truly blessed by them.

Sanna Long
Dear Dorca Family,

We want to take this time of year to express our sincere appreciation to you for opening your home to senior citizens who daily struggle with physical and mental conditions that require specialized care.

Each time I enter your beautiful, peaceful home, I feel blessed to have discovered New Hope Assisted Living.

The aroma of freshly prepared meals says "welcome".

The conversations and laughter say that you care about these people and strive to give them the best service possible.

The caregivers are well trained, courteous, and efficient, when carrying out their duties.

I see your family as being the hands and feet of Jesus, who cares for all of His children, both young and old. He cares how they spend their last days, weeks and months, and I know He is pleased with what He sees happening at New Hope!

The hours are long; the work is physically hard and, at times, stressful. But, it is such important work, and I am comforted with the knowledge that our dear friend, Kay is in your very capable care, and surrounded with a Godly family and caregivers who are making her last months on this earth as comfortable as possible.

May God bless you with every good and perfect gift to continue your special mission on this earth. May He give you the energy, strength and health that you need each and every day. I feel as though you are becoming a part of my extended family, and I know we are all a part of God's very big family.
The Daughtry Family
Dearest Dorca family & care-givers,

You all deserve praise and gratitude for all that you do for others. Our family wants to tell you how wonderful you all were to us and to our father. We know he was a hard patient, but your care and words to us was a soothing balm during a very difficult time in our life. We are so glad our father is now in glory. He never met a stranger, so he is literally and eternally "in Heaven". You all just had to be the first group I communicated with! You all are so special and we feel blessed to know you.

Debbie Etheredge & Family & Ray Corder Jr. & Family
Elena, John, Michelle, & Mario,

I just want each of you to know how much our family appreciates everything you did for mother. I know the first time I came to New Hope with daddy that it was the best place for Aggie. I've never looked back or had one-single-regret about that decision. You treated her like family and she (as well as I) thought of all of you as our extended family. Thank you again for your compassion and caring.

With love and much appreciation for your kindness and caring,
Grace Connolly
Dear Elena, John, Michelle and Mario,

From the moment it became apparent that we could no longer keep our mom safe at home we started looking for a place that we felt we could trust to keep her safe. We searched Alzheimer's units in at least five counties surrounding San Antonio. We walked out of many in tears and vowed that we would never put our mom in a place like that!

It was my husband Dan who came across the website for New Hope Assisted Living right here in Boerne. My sister was very excited but, being a nurse, I was skeptical that a private assisted living would pass my checklist of requirements. Grace went to your home first, called me at work and told me "This is it, Patty!" I said, "Whoa! Not so fast!"

After work we both went to talk to you about Aggie. From the moment I walked in the door, I was 80% sure we had found the right place. After talking to Elena and Michelle a few minutes, and observing the residents in the living room I was 100% sure.

The house was spotless, and the residents were treated as friends or family members. "Sign me up!" we said, and we never looked back or regretted our decision for a second.

Both Aggie and, later Bill were treated with respect, dignity and love the entire time they were at New Hope. They were both difficult to care for, for varying reasons. I never worried once if the care they were getting was appropriate, safe or compassionate.

Over time, I began to feel like the Dorcas were part of my family, and I will miss you all very much. Words could never express the profound gratitude that I feel for you all. Your family did give our family New Hope, and Aggie and Bill were in trusted hands until the end of their lives. I am eternally grateful to you all and look forward to paying you a visit sometime in the future.

Sincerely and with great affection,
Patty Engel, RN
Dear Elena and family,

Words cannot express our appreciation of what you did for our father. You took such good care of him and treated him with great respect. Thank you so much for all you have done for mom and dad. We truly believe the Lord led us to New Hope so that our parents could have the best care available.

Jobeth, Nancy Kay and our families
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