10 Diseases or Injuries Related to Causing Dementia

10 Diseases or Injuries Related to Causing Dementia

1. Alzheimers- (1st Cause)
Chronic & progressive ~ No known cause or cure ½ of all dementia’s have Alzheimer’s.
Multiple Losses: Memory loss-forgetfulness Forget ADL’s
Disorientation Recognition
Reasoning Motor loss (arm’s, legs)
Verbal abilities (2nd stage loss)

2. Diffuse Lewy Body Disease- (2nd Cause)
Plaque-like things on cells. Progressive Psychosis Hallucinations & Delusions
Parkinson’s-like symptoms- Tremors-Shaking
Personality changes

3. Vascular Dementia- (3rd Cause)
(Strokes) Abrupt onset Not Progressive *unless further strokes.
With rehab, may improve symptoms-never 100% Each additional stroke causes more losses.

4. HIV-AIDS- (4th Cause)
Symptoms may come & go, as illness comes & goes.
Symptoms may stabilize for months & years.
(Gradual Decline) Symptoms improve with treatments.

5. Substance Abuse- (5th Cause)
Long term effects of Drugs or Alcohol. (May not be currently using)
Irreversible Brain damage has occurred.

6. Huntingtons Chorea- (6th Cause)
Shows in 30’s-40’s Die early in 60’s
Stiffness writhing movement Snakelike movements
Mood swings Hereditary nervous
System disorder 50% if parent has

7. Picks Disease- (7th Cause)
Hereditary Neurological disease. No known cure or treatment. Distinctive Symptoms.

8. Head Trauma (Injury) (8th Cause)
Shaken baby/ Fighting/ diving/ Fall/ Car accident.

9. Parkinson’s Disease- (9th Cause)
A type of Lewy Body.

10. Creutzfeldt-Jacob Disease- (10th Cause)
(Mad Cow) usually age 40-60

4 most common dementia-related diseases are:
Alzheimer’s, Diffuse Lewy Body Disease, Vascular Dementia, and HIV-AIDS

DEMENTIA- Group or whole category of diseases. (Brain is Dying)

CAUSE- Dementia is caused by disease or injury.


Source:Dementia Speacilty Training Course

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